Sales enable your business with smarter content management

Automate content management and distribution to transform productivity and control costs

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Increase the effectiveness of your sales people with fast access to the right content and knowledge at every stage of the sales process

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Manage the flow of content assets for your product & services portfolio from inception to customer satisfaction to maximise the P&L

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Channels sales enablement boosts revenue and grows loyalty

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Because over 75% of B2B buyers say the content provided by a vendor’s representative is extremely influential in the selection of that vendor over another.

Because, compared with the average, sales enablement helps best in class B2B vendors achieve:

50% better quota attainment,

3 x better year on year growth,

7.5 x improvement in average sales cycle

and over 10% better revenues

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Why Andomise?

The Andomise content management platform is purpose built to enable, empower and engage every role at every stage in a company’s go-to-market processes.

Organise & Control

  • Centralised, scalable, secure, digital content management
  • Single, trusted source for all users – sales, marketing, products and services
  • Content owners add and maintain content organised to suit their role
  • Marketing adapt & personalise content collections to suit the target audience, situation and location
  • Update a master file and all collections are automatically updated everywhere for everyone
  • Secure, controlled user access from anywhere on any device

Enable & Empower

  • Sales, marketing and partners work smarter
  • Relevant content – targeted to the user, group or customer - cut the clutter and information overload.
  • Intelligent search - find it fast – anywhere, anytime, any device
  • Automate distribution to users, partners, customers and websites
  • Automate updates – everyone, every product, every message up to date
  • Maximise resources - eliminate manual processes - focus on revenue generation

Engage & Collaborate

  • Compelling digital experiences for all
  • Quickly and easily share the right information with colleagues and partners
  • Easily create & update personalised asset collections to optimize any situation
  • Share with customers as personal microsites with a visibly better user experience
  • Track when customers or colleagues engage with the content
  • Align marketing and sales with real time feedback to improve content quality

Analyze & Improve

  • Advanced Analytics for better business insights
  • Content usage – where, when and who?
  • What content helps close business faster?
  • What's best at engaging new prospects?
  • How much of your content creation budget is wasted?
  • Give every role the insights to do their jobs better


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